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Packaging equipment is one of the most important parts of most modern production lines. For many company it completes the process of manufacturing products and prepares it for transmission and distribution.
Automated packaging is the best choice to improve production speed. Just for this reason that modern packaging equipment is so popular. It does not require maintenance costs and uses the available supplies in the process.
Models of Packaging Equipment
1. Shrink equipment
This type of technology for packing products is used shrink membrane. It can be divided into semiautomatic, automatic and manual, provided additional protection for pre-packed products.
2. Tray packaging
Tray packaging can work with almost any kind of membranes, and its heat is carried out with the help of specialized portable heaters.
Packaging equipment used for bulk products. The use of such production lines is very convenient, because it allows high performance at the lowest cost of funds. Packaging quality depends on the quality of membranes and strength of joints.
3. Vacuum packing equipment
Compared with other equipments, this equipment has a strong advantage, because it is able to significantly extend the shelf life of perishable goods in the absence of preservatives and refrigeration unit case.
4. Specialized Equipment
Sometimes some companies require non-standard devices, providing special conditions of food packaging, concluding steam generators, used for heat treatment before packaging to cleaning containers, filling lines, packaging machines and so on.
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