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The manufacturing process of oil leaching in the workshop consists of leaching, removal solvent from the meal, distillation mixed oil, solvent condensation and exhaust purification.
1.1 Leaching
Pre-press cake into the feed box temporarily saved to avoid solvent evaporation. The material in the leaching reactor rings circle from feed port to export, then is spray reversed by mixing oil with concentration gradient. Mixed oil separation of impurities through a dedicated mixed oil filter. Extraction rate depends on the oilseed material, its temperature and humidity. Mixed oil processing is carried out in two stages: mixed oil cleaning; distillation of the solvent - mixed oil distillation. Raw material is continuously fed into the scraper conveyor. Mixed oil is carried into the mixing oil filling through the pump.
1.2 Removal solvent from the meal
Meal is carried from leaching reactor with rich solvent and moisture. The meal is transported to steam offline by scraper and conveyor and distilled in the evaporator. Steam from below into, solvent evaporation from above. In the process of distillation solvent vapor condenses and remains in the meal, increasing the level of humidity. The desolventized meal through the valve put into the dryer, after drying in case of cold air cooling.
1.3 Distillation mixed oil
Bipolar distillation equipment has two sections with the primary distillation and ultimate distillation. Mixed oil starts the first distillation. After the first distiller, gas solvent enters the horizontal capacitor through the separator. All processes again. Mixed oil is fed into the top of the stripper .At last crude oil into the hair tank out from the stripper.
1.4 Solvent condensation
The solvent and water go into the sub-water tank. Separation water from the solvent must be with the help of the density difference. Non-aqueous solvent can be recycled. Free gas from the condenser is collected and enters the separator, then passes to the final condenser. Non-condensable gas is supplied to the exhaust gas purification system. Waste water from the separator is fed into the slurry stripper. After purification, the water enters the pool.
1.5 Exhaust purification
Non-condensable gas enters the final condenser to recover the residual solvent. Thereafter, non-condensable gas is fed into a water absorber for solvent recovery. At the end of the exhaust gas is discharged through the flame arrester.
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